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The Objective: The Solution:
bulletPeptide substrates for proteases associated with apoptosis, cell-mediated cytotoxicity, autophagy, metastasis, inflammation, and viral infectivity.
A new class of cell and tissue permeable fluorogenic substrates that have access to all environments of live cells and tissues.
bulletDiagnostics for apoptosis, cell-mediated cytotoxicity, autophagy,  metastasis, inflammation and viral infectivity.
bulletCell and tissue permeable inhibitors for apoptosis, autophagy, metastasis, inflammation and viral infectivity.
Modification of OncoImmunin's design for cell and tissue permeable substrates: substitution of a noncleavable bond at protease recognition sites
bulletDrug delivery vehicles
Use of OncoImmunin's molecular design which allows cell and tissue permeability
bulletIntroduction of oligonucleotides into live cells and animals, especially humans, without causing damage, harm, or toxicity.

OncoImmunin, Inc. has designed, synthesized, validated and patented  a new class of molecules that can serve as fluorogenic protease substrates for enzymatic activity determinations in live cells as well as  in serum, in vivo delivery vehicles for oligonucleotides, e.g., siRNA, without toxicity, and resurrection  or small moleclues that have failed in vivo trials after exhibiting excellent properties in solution

The advantages of OncoImmunin's  protease substrates over other fluorogenic substrates are  4-fold:

bulletFluorescent probes were selected to ensure accurate enzymatic activity determination not only in solution, but in biological samples such as serum, live cells, and tissues.
bulletIntracellular protease activity can be visualized using a standard fluorescence microscope- without any modification!
bulletTo ensure specificity, all substrates contain amino acid sequences from both sides of cleavage sites, i.e. from Pn through Pn'.
bulletSubstrates assume loop conformations in solution (see computer modeled structure under principles) which mimic active site loop conformations of naturally occurring target molecules.

OncoImmunin's fluorogenic protease substrate design allows determination of intracellular enzymatic activity using a fluorescence microscope. Determination of activity in buffer solution as well as in human serum can be accomplished using a standard fluorometer, or for large sample throughput, a proprietary high-throughput screening (HTS) system is available (ref the page)

Note- Absorption measurements are also possible.

To learn more about OncoImmunin, Inc.  and its enzymatic activity assay kits choose from a category below:

principles: choice of fluorophore; substrate design and cleavage; microscopy assay
elastase substrate: solution measurements; whole cell application
assay kit for apoptosis: caspase-3 (CPP32) and ICE; flow cytometry; microsopy

Coming Soon! - assay kits for calpain, plasminogen activator, and Factor Xa

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