Elastase Assay


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This elastase assay works under a variety of conditions. Perform your assays in solution or in cell suspension. Even under the microscope!

For example, one application is screening for anti-inflammatory drug candidates using a fluorescent plate reader. The measured Km of this substrate with porcine pancreatic elastase is in the 800 nM range, in contrast to the Km values of 6.2 and 0.8 mM for other chromogenic substrates based on pNA and AMC chromophores, respectively [see M.J. Castillo, K. Nakajima, M. Zimmerman and J.C. Powers Anal Biochem 99:53-64 (1979)].

This is truly an example of technology-driven science, when you consider that elastase activity can now be measured under conditions you did not think possible.

No other elastase assay is like it!

Sensitive- with Km at 800 nM- this is fluorescence, after all
Broadly applicable - clear solutions, serum, cell suspensions, or on a microscope slide

Select from the Application Notes below:

solution measurement
whole cells

You can also use these fluorogenic substrates for:

  1. flow cytometric analysis
  2. histology frozen sections

Application notes with supporting data will soon be available

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