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OncoImmunin, Inc. (OI) is a biotechnology company with a patented technology for delivering physiologically active biochemicals into live cells. Since 1996, OI has produced and sold multiple products based on this technology. These products have transformed many research studies; two examples include simultaneous measurement of multiple protease activities in physiological environments and evaluation of HIV vaccine development. With these successes as a foundation, OI is now focusing on extending this technology to therapeutic applications.

Unique Delivery Technologies

OI's technology relies on the creation of a unique biophysical structure, an intramolecular excitonic dimer moiety. The latter provides a delivery vehicle for peptides, oligonucleotides, and small charged molecules into cells by receptor-independent internalization. This transport characteristic not only makes possible assays in live cells, but it also has the potential to transport into cells drugs with excellent solution properties but unable to enter live cells. OI's technology forms natural, minimally-sized structures, unlike other artificial structures, e.g., liposomes/nanoparticles, currently being developed for pharmaceutical transport.

Significant Product Achievement and New Development

Starting with OI's first product, PhiPhiLux® in 1996, the company has expanded the capability of researching the programmed cell death process in live cells. OI's second-generation products, CyToxiLux® and GranToxiLux®, extended that success showing great utility in immunotherapeutic developmental studies including both monoclonal antibodies as well as viral vaccines in HIV studies at the NIH, Duke University, and others sites around the world. OI is now actively marketing its third-generation product, PanToxiLux, which combines measurements of the previous two generations. Beyond assays, OI has been engaged in developing its technology for therapeutic applications for the last five years in the area of RNA interference. Through transport of single strand (antisense) and double strand (siRNA or dicer substrate) oligonucleotides by this unique technology, the company has demonstrated effectiveness against multiple targets both in vitro and in vivo. Two examples are: targeting PD-1 in human lymphocytes for immunotherapy and knockdown of HIV genes in infected cells for antiviral therapy particularly for resistant HIV strains. Additionally, both effectiveness and non-toxicity in mice have been demonstrated in vivo with delivery to all major organs. Of potentially highest significance is delivery to 100% of circulating blood cells.

Market Objectives and Focus

As OI's assay business continues to grow, therapeutic applications of OI's technology have become the new focus of the corporation. To date, OI has been self-funding most of its research, developing a firm R&D basis to proceed, and patenting the technology for therapeutic development for cancer, infectious diseases, inflammation, and neurodegeneration. The company is now ready to proceed with a major campaign in these areas by approaching key companies to expand its animal trials and eventual human trials. Expectations are for cooperative R&D with selected pharmaceutical companies leading to therapeutic products in a five year timeframe.

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