Cancer Metastasis Detection


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 Metastasis detection is now possible using OncoImmunin's unique fluorogenic substrates to assay the protease activities associated with metastasis of malignant cells. Examples of current reagents for metastasis analysis are CaDiLux® for the detection of cathepsin D, ElastoLux® for the detection of elastase, and MetastaLuxTM for detection of collagenolytic activity.

As with OncoImmunin’s caspase substrates, CaDiLux® and ElastoLux® cross intact plasma membranes and are therefore able to detect intracellular proteolytic activites in live cells. In contrast, MetastaLuxTM, which contains a sequence found in collagen, is immobilized and can detect cells utilizing collagenolytic activity as they move through a 3-dimensional matrix.

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