Inflammation Detection


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A vast literature strongly supports pivotal roles for caspase 1 and IL1-beta in inflammation and ischemia. However, due to the lack of a leader sequence in IL1-beta, its real time detection in live systems, as well as the detection of caspase 1 activity in response to inflammatory stimuli in relevant cells, have been quite difficult. Using OncoImmunin's cell permeable fluorogenic substrates and new screening image analysis system, imaging and quantitative analysis of caspase 1 induction in live cells by a variety of inflammogens, is now possible. Below are murine peritoneal exudate cell (PEC) images which show induced and control cells and quantitation thereof. Similar analyses are possible with other model systems, e.g., the neuroinflammatory model of EAE



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Direct measurement of caspase 1 activity in PEC.  Images and quantitation are based on confocal imaging of PEC using OncoImmunin's proprietary analysis program.

CaspaLux®-1 is a cell permeable fluorogenic substrate for caspase 1 and is available in 3 different colors.

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