Cell-Mediated Cellular Toxicity



GranToxiLux® and PanToxiLux

Live, Single Cell-based Fluorogenic Cytotoxicity Assay Kits

A tumor cell is engaged and then "killed" by a cytotoxic lymphocyte

Principle of assays:
Following the successful delivery of a lethal hit by cytotoxic lymphocytes, protease activities leading to cell death in individual target cells can be measured by flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy. In each kit cleavage of a cell permeable fluorogenic substrate reports the following activities:

GranToxiLux®: granzyme B
PanToxiLux™: granzyme B and caspase-8


Measurements with GranToxiLux® and PanToxiLuxTM are superior to bulk assays e.g., LDH and 51Cr release, in terms of both time (0.3-2.0 hr. vs. 4 hr.) and sensitivity (relatively weak CTL responses against subdominant epitopes are detectable).  In the figure below, CTL responses are detected with OncoImmunin's first generation cell-mediated cytotoxicity kit, CyToxiLux®.  Earlier events, e.g., delivery of granzyme B and/or caspase-8 from CTLs into target cells, are now detectable by GranToxiLux® or PanToxiLuxTM.

Detailed GranToxiLux® PLUS! instructions are available for download in PDF format
Detailed PanToxiLux® instructions are available for download in PDF format
Detailed PanToxiLux™ P2D2 instructions are available for download in PDF format

NEW - prior to cytotoxicity assay, eliminate dead target cells with NFL1

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